Exclusive, intimate, unforgettable

Ubud, March 18th - March 23rd 2021


Drawn from the top tier of Brazilian Zouk teachers, our artists are some of the hardest working, most talented and passionate Zouk instructors and DJs in the world.

But move beyond the credentials, accolades and adoration and you discover they are artists in the truest sense of the word: learned masters of their craft, endlessly exploring, creating, and perfecting in the realms of dance as a lifelong artistic pursuit.

The passion that drives them to share their talents with others is a deep understanding of the power of dance to change lives.

Because quite simply it has changed theirs, in deeply personal, positive, and powerful ways.

That just might be why they are so excited to dance, live and laugh with a small group of us over 5 days. The opportunity to directly impact more lives through dance in an exclusive, intimate and unforgettable setting.

Be a part of it, or read a little more background on our artists: